Friday, March 27, 2020

Please stop hoarding.

The three main grocery stores that I have access to, Public, Ingles, and Kroger now have senior hours.  That's nice, but I'd really like to do either pickup or delivery rather than go into the store.  Unfortunately because of the hoarders, toilet paper cannot be ordered.  As soon as a load hits the shelves within minutes all of the packages are gone.  That means the pickers will never be able to add TP to your order.  The same goes for canned beans it appears.  There were none in two of the stores I visited last week.  Also, fresh meat seems to be scarce.  Ingles had a few steaks, some chicken parts, and pork country ribs but nothing else.  I would say it was something like 10% of the normal offering.

So please stop hoarding.  Do you really need 100 rolls of TP?

Socked in

We're home and not leaving for the foreseeable future. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dojo examples

In helping with the Dojo documentation, I had to test the snippets of code. I've turned them into complete standalone html documents. So if you want to look at a bunch of samples of Dojo DataGrid at Dojo 1.7, check out examples.

First Post

This is where I'll be putting information related to my Dojo toolkit experiences. It's new and hopefully will useful to others.

I've just started assisting the Dojo community in updating the documentation for Dojo 1.7. It's given me an opportunity to learn more about Dojo.